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"What a horrible mess I had over the weekend. My garbage disposal shorted out at the worst time just before a big dinner party. I was able to get ahold of this company right away and within 2 hours, they showed up at the door. The job took at best an hour, and their guy was great and courteous. For such a quick response, I was expecting a handsome bill, but it was beyond reasonable, and I will definitely be using these guys in the future, Cheers!" - Joe

"Was there within a 3 hour window. Identified the problem immediately. Fixed the problem in a matter of minutes. Very polite and courteous. Even helped me take out the trash. Great job at a great price. Highly recommended. Would definitely hire again." - Keshab

"I have been using Andre Sewer & Drain for years to do maintenance on my drains. I did try other companies but none could work around my schedule as well as Andre does. Andre gets here quickly, corrects the problem, and are a fun bunch of guys to work with. I am delighted with the office person that takes the call, the company’s ability to set a scheduled time range that is at my convenience. I am delighted with the workmanship of the service work done, and the work area is always left clean and neat." - A Google User

"I had this awful problem with my sink, it would not drain worth a darn and drano and all that stuff from the store did not do anything. My buddy says that he calls Andre to do some random plumbing maintenance for him every year, and gave me his number. I called him and he answered right away, and he said he could be there in an hour!! I am so sick of the cable company treatment where you are stuck all day waiting for someone, if you are even lucky for them to show up. Well Andre was there in just under an hour, actually a little early even. He was able to fix it all up in 15 minutes and told me what happened and gave me some tips to make sure it didn't happen again. He seemed really knowledgeable and I think very fair. The price he charged me was very affordable, I didn't even get charged extra for the express/rush treatment. I remember a couple years before this I had to pay something ridiculous to one of those big guys in the yellow pages, I am never doing that again. I'm keeping Andre's number on my fridge!" - A Google User

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